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Newborn Fingerprint Jewellery

Newborn Fingerprints

We’re often privileged enough to be asked to make fingerprint jewellery taken from the prints of babies just days old. Although at this age, babies may not have developed too many fingerprint lines or whorls, it’s a joy to capture their tiny finger imprint in the silver. So in years to come you can look back with wonder at just how teeny they were. So if you’re looking for a special fingerprint keepsake, then we’d love to help and would be honoured to provide a piece that will be treasured forever and a reminder of baby’s very early days. Don’t forget that as well as newborn prints, we can make fingerprint jewellery using the prints of children or adults of any age. There is no upper age limit at all and we’ve made some really special pieces with the prints of adults, including the fingerprints of a bride and groom for a wedding day gift.



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