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About Jewellery Fingerprints

What people really seem to like about us is that each piece is crafted individually according to the client’s own personal preferences and requirements and is distinguished by a fingerprint in every case, which ensures that everything that we produce is unique and has a special place in the heart of each recipient as a consequence.




What We Make

Fingerprint Necklace


We create beautiful bespoke jewellery with embedded fingerprints.

Footprint / Hand-print Jewellery

Footprints / Handprints

We can also embed handprints and footprints into bespoke jewellery. 

Pawprint Jewellery Pets


Pets are welcome too with our bespoke pawprint jewellery.

Custom Made Jewellery

Browse through our bespoke jewellery in our shop.

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Bespoke Fingerprint Keyring
Necklace With Custom Design
Custom Designed Cuff Links
Fingerprint Ring
Custom Dad Jewellery
Jewellery Fingerprints Necklace


Handmade Bespoke Jewellery

We create beautiful bespoke jewellery using a copy of your fingerprints, footprints, pets pawprints, or even copy your handwriting into our jewellery.


How It Works

Step 1

Complete our simple order form.

Step 2

Receive your fingerprint kit by post.

Step 3

Return your fingerprint kit by post.

Step 4

Receive your bespoke jewellery by post.

We can also meet in person if you are local to us, we are located in East Derbyshire.


Handwritten Jewellery

We can copy your handwriting into a bespoke custom jewellery piece. This is very popular for sentimental reasons and is a great way to remember important words to you!

Handwritten Jewellery
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